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Second timber OK Dinghy contruction nearly complete

The pictures show the construction of the second timber boat built on Lake Macquarie. It’s the same hull design as the first, but was built with 2 different features. The first was light ply and the addition of an added stringer in the top sides. In the second feature Steve has also sheathed the boat with epoxy and 4 oz glass cloth.

The weight of the hull as pictured coming off the building frame without the deck was 38 kg so he is well within the weight tolerance we set for the building of the hull which was 45kg off the building frame.

The plastic wrapping seen in the pictures is not the sheathing but peel ply which will stay on the boat until finished protecting the surface.  Steve has also redesigned a mast step which is a considerable improvement from the original class plans.

The epoxy he has used is West with 403 high density filler for the glue. Steve has not used any metal fasteners in the hull design with the exception of the mast step bolts. Steve hopes to begin putting the deck on this weekend.

Anyone interested in building a timber OK as an owner-builder project can contact Colin Lynch who will be happy to discuss your project with you.